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va–Q-tec lists on Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Zouk Capital is delighted to announce that va-Q-tec, the global leader in high-end vacuum insulation, has today listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. va-Q-tec develops, manufactures and sells highly efficient products and solutions for thermal insulation, including innovative, energy and space saving panels and storage components. The company has a fleet of transport containers and boxes deployed within a global logistics network fulfilling highly demanding thermal protection standards in supply chains where temperature is a critical factor. va-Q-tec’s technology platform is secured by more than 80 patents and patent applications and has also received numerous awards for its innovative and energy-efficient technologies, including the ‘Technology Pioneer’ award at the 2013 World Economic Forum.

The management team at va-Q-tec has delivered exceptional growth and seen strong demand for its products and solutions. Having expanded geographically and across multiple sectors, including through vertical integration, va-Q-tec has built the next generation of passive cold chain transport solutions, with an insulation performance of up to 200 hours of minimal temperature change, without using any external energy sources. This solution has been delivered as a global full-service rental offer to customers from the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, where temperature sensitive medications have to be shipped internationally under stringent and regulated storage conditions.

Having invested in 2011 from its second growth equity fund, Zouk was the largest institutional shareholder prior to the IPO, and held a 33 percent stake in the company. The funds raised from the IPO will be used to provide capital for investments, which will fuel future growth. Yesterday, after a successful roadshow, va-Q-tec priced its offering at EUR 12.30 a share. Zouk has partially exited and will continue to work closely with the management team in order to support the business.

Samer Salty, CEO of Zouk, commented, “We believe strongly in the long term growth of the business under the leadership of Joachim Kuhn and Christopher Hoffmann and we are looking forward to our continued collaboration.”