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iZettle acquires Intelligent POS

iZettle, one of the fastest growing technology companies in Europe and EMEA , today announces it has acquired intelligentpos, the UK’s leading cloud based point of sale solution for shops, bars and restaurants. 

The acquisition sees two disruptive companies joining forces resulting in a ‘one-stop-shop’ for commerce in store and on the go. Together iZettle and intelligentpos provide an integrated payment and point of sale solution that allows small businesses to take card payments and use hundreds of different features on the point of sale app to help them manage and grow their businesses.

Aimed at iZettle’s fastest growing users, intelligentpos offers advanced point of sales features including; table management, which gives restaurants a bird’s eye view of their tables and helps them provide a higher level of service; stock management, which helps merchants make sure they never run out of their customers’ favourite products; and advance reporting that helps users make informed decisions about their business.

Tom Allerton, Finance Director at The Mae Deli (Deliciously Ella’s cafe) says: “We use iZettle and intelligentpos at our deli in central London. We needed an integrated system that was able to scale with our business. Using intelligentpos and iZettle we are able to easily monitor tables, stock, staff and take payments within one app, it’s these added tools that help us sell smarter.”

Jacob de Geer, CEO and co-founder at iZettle says: “Five years ago, iZettle set out to empower small business owners with tools to help them accept card payments in an easy way - tools which were typically reserved for larger businesses. 

“One year ago, iZettle broke new ground by offering small businesses hassle-free access to financing with iZettle Advance. Today, via the acquisition of the talented team and great product at intelligentpos, iZettle takes yet another step towards its mission of providing small businesses with a wide range of services and features that are critical to helping  them grow and build their empires.”

Robin Knox, CEO and Paul Walton, CTO, co-founded intelligentpos in 2013. Robin comments: “We’ve been partners with iZettle for three years now. As businesses increasingly are looking for a unified point of sale and payments experience this is a natural next step for us and for the market. Moreover, iZettle have the same ethos and values as us and we’re thrilled to be joining the team and develop future products that help small businesses thrive.”