Zouk has partnered with a fund backed by the UK’s Green Investment Bank to provide equity for the construction of the £111m Levenseat Renewable Energy Limited 12.5 MWe Energy from Waste plant and adjacent materials recycling facility (MRF) near Forth in South Lanarkshire, Scotland.

Investec has committed to provide project finance debt. The project can process around 225ktonnes of unsorted waste per annum.

This will be one of the first UK plants combining fluidised bed gasification technology with refuse derived fuel (RDF), processed by the project’s own MRF. The MRF will recover plastics, metals, paper and card for recycling. The project is forecast to recycle over a million tonnes of materials over its lifetime and will generate the heat required by the MRF.

The development is also forecast to supply electricity equivalent to the needs of nearly 18,000 homes over its life. It is expected to avoid 1.4 million tonnes of waste going into landfill and to deliver a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of around 1.3 million tonnes, equivalent to taking over 23,000 cars off the road for every year it operates.

The project build is well underway, with the MRF building now well out of the ground.