Urban Wind Assets

In one of the larger investment deals in the UK’s on-shore FiT wind sector, Zouk is providing equity finance to fund turbine schemes nationwide.

This project is investing in permitted small wind sites throughout the UK which have successfully gone through the planning process but lacked the funding necessary to construct them. The portfolios are driven by RPI-indexed Feed-in Tariffs (“FiTs”), which are UK government backed for 20 years.

Urban Wind Assets Ltd has a large number of sites, most of which are now currently built and operating, with a few still in the late stages of construction and connection. 14 sites have been acquired so far – 10 Emergya Wind Technologies (“EWT”) and 4 Northern Power Systems (“NPS”) turbines – across the UK.

We are continuing to look for additional sites which meet our investment criteria. If you are developing a FiT wind site, please contact Jessica Fisher on jfisher@zouk.com to see if we can incorporate it into this fully funded project.