The global shift to great resource efficiency has created the clean and efficient economy

An introduction to Zouk

At Zouk, we invest in the clean and efficient economy. Our distinctive dual track strategy of managing both Growth Capital and Infrastructure funds capitalizes on the wide spectrum of investment opportunities created by the global shift to greater resource efficiency. Our ambition is to build resource efficient companies and clean infrastructure assets that generate economic and sustainable value.

Our specialist team of 17 investment professionals has unrivalled expertise and sector know-how. Network, transparency and operational experience are at the core of all our relationships with investors and portfolio companies.

We have been pioneering investors in this sector since making our first clean investment in 2000. Today Zouk has €600 million under management and is one of the most established and active managers in the sector. 

Growth Capital

  • Zouk's Growth Capital funds invest in high growth technology companies that use information technology to deliver resource efficiency.
  • As investors, we look for efficiencies at the core of every investment - efficiencies in 'old' resources such as energy, water or materials and efficiencies in 'new' resources, such as data, computing power, networks. We believe that information technology is a key enabler for disruptive efficiency gains.
  • The team consists of expert private equity investors, skilled in building companies and drawing on experience in senior management, consultancy, engineering, accountancy and banking.


  • Our Infrastructure Investment funds finance the construction of new high-yielding assets, by acquiring, developing and funding late-stage renewable energy infrastructure projects.

  • Zouk targets capital gain driven returns from constructing high-yielding renewable energy assets rather than focusing on yield income as is the case with most traditional infrastructure funds

  • The team’s core discipline, the project finance approach, is combined with experience in energy operations, power trading and infrastructure construction.